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  • 11 December, 2014

    Accessorize your sauna this holiday season.


    Whether you already own a sauna and need an update on accessories or you are planning on surprising a loved one with a sauna that you have on order, accessories make for great presents. From consumables like essential oils and sauna soap to longer lasting items like buckets and ladles, accessories help to make a sauna have a more personal touch.

    Stainless Steel Bucket and Ladle

    Next to the sauna heater and room, the bucket and ladle among the most important components of the sauna, as they help provide the unique ability to control the level of humidity in the bath. The löyly (steam) created by ladling the water over the heated rocks, and the person entrusted with controlling the bucket and ladle holds an honorable position, as they are to ensure a great sauna for all. For this reason, it is important that you choose the sauna bucket and ladle that match your needs. Many like the clean, sturdy construction of the stainless steel bucket and ladle, while others prefer the more traditional look of a wooden bucket and ladle. What suits your needs? Whichever bucket you choose, be sure to consider Eucalyptus Oil or other essential oils to allow for aromatherapy when the oils are mixed with water then ladled over the rocks.

    Halu Pillow

    When you sauna, do you prefer to lie on the bench instead of sit? If so, consider a Halu pillow or a head rest. Though the Halu pillow looks a little strange, the 4 adjustable rests allow for the pillow to be repositioned for maximum comfort. The small size also makes it easy to store when not in use, perhaps if you were having a sauna party to share your great Finnleo sauna with family and friends. If you prefer something more traditional, we have several other head and back rest designs to meet your needs.

    cedar sauna sign

    Is the sauna a surprise present? Why not provide a sauna sign as a gift that can be unwrapped ahead of the sauna delivery? Already have a sauna but you finished the exterior with drywall? A sauna sign is a great way to identify your doorway to a healthy escape.

    bath brushes

    Body brushes can serve a dual purpose. Used on dry skin, the brushes help to exfoliate dead skin and to help stimulate blood flow to the brushed areas, helping to bring a natural radiance and glow to the skin. People often report that their skin shows signs of better health after a few uses. After finishing a sauna session, the body brushes can also be dipped in the water from the bucket and used to scrub the bench tops to help keep a fresh, clean look to the room.


    After a sauna or between rounds, it can be nice to sit and relax in a nice, cozy robe. If you already have a favorite robe, Finnleo offers a selection of sauna towels, seat covers, and wash mitts. Having linens specifically designated for sauna can help to create a nice atmosphere of an escape to your own private spa.

    Ready to learn more about what accessories and saunas are available? Contact you local Helo dealer.