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  • 14 April, 2016

    Save with an Upgrade During the Stanley Cup Playoffs!

    John Gibson - Helo IR Sauna


    Whether for a pre-game warm-up  or post game recovery, my Helo Far-Infrared sauna  is always ready for me. With almost no pre-heating required, the deep penetrating heat soothes sore muscles and speeds my recovery. – John Gibson, Professional Hockey Player

    Good luck to John during the Stanley Cup Playoffs! With his exceptional play this season, his team is well-positioned for a great run to the cup. In fact, several articles have named John Gibson as a player to watch during the playoffs.

    In honor of John's success, Helo is offering a free upgrade during the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The John Gibson Deal will provide an upgrade to a curved, ergonomic backrest and a bottle of Eucalyptus oil.


    To learn more or to talk with a local dealer about what sauna is right for you...

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