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Top questions

Where can I find the safety distances for sauna heaters?

For each product, consult the User's Manuals and Brochures. Also, consult your nearest distributor.

Is the connection of an old control centre to a new sauna heater permitted?

No. The sauna heater and the control centre are always type approved with each other.

What should the sauna door to be like?

The sauna door should always to be sealed. Thus, the door does not "leak" heat and mix the temperature of the sauna. Refrigerator doors have seals for the same reason.

Why does the sauna not heat up enough?

Heating up a sauna is dependent on various factors: for example ventilation, door tightness, sauna heater output, the thermal insulation.

What is the correct temperature when taking a sauna?

There is no correct temperature for a sauna; it depends on the preferences of the one taking the sauna. With heat storing sauna heaters, the sauna has a low temperature, and with wall sauna heaters, the sauna has higher temperatures. To achieve a high temperature, the sauna has to be heated up over a longer time.

Helo Sauna Experience

The helo Sauna Experience

It mostly depends on personal preference, but is typically between 150 to 175 degrees for traditional saunas and 120 to 130 degrees for infrared. Also it is not uncommon for users to enjoy cooler or hotter saunas.

How long should I be in the sauna?

Common sense is key. Typically, people like to stay in the sauna for 10 to 15 minutes, step out to cool off, return to the sauna for another "round," and repeat. Always remember that if you don't feel comfortable leave the sauna and cool off.

What should I do after my sauna?

Take a cool rinse, it will close your pores and leave you feeling refreshed, but don't forget to moisturize your hair and skin with a quick shampoo and a lotion rubdown. Also it is important to drink water, mineral water, fruit or vegetable juice to replace lost fluids.

Can I pour water on the rocks of Helo traditional heaters?

Yes, absolutely. Not only is it okay, it is an essential part of the traditional sauna experience. On the infrared side, humidity will be ambient.

What if I have health concerns?

Remember to consult your physician if you have a history of heart problems, high blood pressure or other health concerns.

What is the best benefit to my health?

Hands down it is relaxation, and detoxification.

Materials and Installation

Does my sauna need a drain?

It isn't absolutely necessary, but it may be helpful for cleaning purposes. This is especially true for traditional saunas.

What is the best floor for a sauna?

Traditional saunas do better with non-absorbent materials such as tile and cement. Infrared saunas usually have wood or tile is most typical. Never use carpet as it will absorb sweat and emit odors.

How do I determine the size of the heater?

Take L x W x H to calculate cubic footage, and then find the correct heater on the Finnleo or Helo heater sizing chart. On the infrared saunas, the correct amount of emitters and wattage has already been determined and maximized for each room.

What type of circuit breaker should I use?

Standard breakers, properly sized for the heater according to the National Electric Code. For the standard Infrared saunas, they can be plugged in to normal household 120 volt outlets (15 and 20 amp).

Why do you recommend so many different wood choices?

Woods are determined for multiple reasons. The main reason is performance. All the woods we use in our saunas have been used for centuries in sauna use and have long proven their viability for sauna use. The main reason for wood choices is user preference and style. We hand select clear softwoods such as Western Red Cedar and Canadian Hemlock (vertical grain only) and European fine grained woods such as European Alder complemented by matching bench materials which enhance the user experience and comfort. We determine the best profiles, thickness, framing materials, hardware and provide you with a product that is built to last. Our warranties and decades of experience confirm our leadership in this regard.

Is a consumer allowed to install an electric sauna heater?

No. Only an authorised person is allowed to connect a sauna heater to the electrical network, according to the electricity regulations in force.

Is it wise to use thin insulation?

It is never wise to save on insulation, as a change will affect the output selection. Pay special attention to the ceiling. We always measure saunas fully thermally insulated. When using a Sauna-Satu, for example the minimum requirement is 60 mm in the walls.

Is it permitted to place an evaporator and an electric sauna heater into the same sauna?

No. The structures of a sauna room and a steam room are completely different. Both products are controlled separately, and this might cause a safety risk, and the sauna heater to fail.

Helo Sauna

Why is the use of ceramic stones not permitted in sauna heaters?

Ceramic stones will destroy the resistors and shorten their operating life considerably.

What is the best stone for sauna heaters?

The best stone is always tested by the sauna heater manufacturer. Helo recommends vulcanite mineral, this stone quality is appropriate for the sauna heater and it is safe.

How often is it necessary to reset the sauna heater stones in normal use?

The stones should be reset according to the following principle: if you use the sauna once a week, the stones should be reset once a year, if you use the sauna twice a week, the stones should be reset twice a year. When resetting the stones, broken and sand-surfaced stones are removed and replaced by new ones. This does not apply to sauna heaters in institutional use!

How do I calculate the sauna volume, when installing an electric sauna heater in the sauna?

Multiply the height by the width and length. Add the volume of cold surfaces to the previous result: i.e. calculate the stone and glass surface are and multiply by 1.5. The result is in cubic metres, you then add this to the volume of the sauna. Select a sauna heater output according to the result.

How do I calculate the volume of the sauna, when installing a wood burning sauna heater in the sauna?

Multiply the height by the width and length. Add the volume of cold surfaces to the previous result: i.e. calculate the stone and glass surface are and multiply by 2. The result is in cubic metres, you then add this to the volume of the sauna. Select a sauna heater output according to the result.

Can there be stone and glass surfaces in a sauna with a heat storing sauna heater?

Yes, but all the walls and ceiling must be thermally insulated.

When an electric sauna heater is installed in the sauna, how is the ventilation to be arranged?

The basic rule is the inlet is located above the sauna heater and the exhaust as low as possible in the sauna, below the sauna benches, on the opposite side. Thus the inside temperature is as even as possible.

When a wood burning sauna heater is installed in the sauna, how is the ventilation to be arranged?

The supply air valve should be next and below the sauna heater, the exhaust air valve should be in the ceiling.

Is it permitted to install the control centre in the sauna?

Familiarise yourself with the User's Manual and the Brochure. There are several models in the selection, which can be installed in the sauna room.

Why do you go into a "cold" sauna with a heat-storing sauna?

When a heat-storing sauna is used in the sauna, the sauna is not preheated; instead, the energy in the stones of the sauna heater is used for taking a sauna.

Why does the temperature shown in the electronic control centre differ from the sauna's own mechanical thermometer?

The electronic control centre is more accurate than the mechanical thermometer. The measurement locations are not the same.

Are there sauna-heater models where you do not have to go to a gloomy sauna and crouch down to turn the mechanical controller?

Yes, there are, most of the Easy centres are inexpensive and they can be connected to most sauna heater models. Helo has invested strongly in this, so you will also find other alternatives in the range.

Guarantees, service & other

Can you change spare parts, such as resistors yourself?

No. Only an authorised person is allowed to change spare parts according to the electricity regulations in force. See Contract Service Companies.

If the sauna heater breaks down, during the guarantee period, whom do I contact?

Contact the nearest contract service company.

Where can I find the nearest distributor?

See the section Distributors from our pages.

How long is the guarantee for sauna heaters?

The electric sauna heaters have a two-year guarantee; the spare parts have a one-year guarantee. Wood burning sauna heaters have a one-year guarantee.

Where can I buy spare parts for the sauna heater?

Contract service companies sell spare parts.

Where can I find a Helo guarantee service company?

See section Distributors / Contract Service Companies.

Do the service companies sell new sauna heaters as well?

Yes they do. They also provide installation service.

What do I do if there are problems with the sauna heater?

Call the nearest service company.

Where can I find a sauna heater fitter?

You can find a sauna heater fitter in the list of contract service companies.

Time and Money

What is the average cost to operate?

If used 3 times/week, a 6 kW heater will use about $4 to $6/month. A 2.1 kW heater would use about $2/month. For Far-infrared, the typical sauna uses $3 to $5 per month. Steambaths average $3 to $5 per month.

What is the average heat-up time for a sauna?

A traditional sauna typically heats up in 30-45 minutes. During this time period the rocks will be properly heated for soft heat and soft steam – and the wood interior will be comfortably heated, too. With the addition of a Saunatonttu heater heat up time is cut in half. On the infrared side, most bathers find that a 10 minute wait is about right. By then, the air has warmed up a little and the emitters are running at full power.