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A sense of tradition

The company was established in 1919 as Karjalan Sahko Ltd in Vyborg, Finland. In 1949, the first prototype electric sauna heater was built.

During the 1960s the company moved to its current location in Hanko, Finland, and was renamed Helo Tehtaat (Helo Factories). In the 1980s, Helo acquired 3 of its competitors and production was transferred to a new, purpose-built factory in Hanko.

The name of the company was changed to Oy Saunatec Ltd in 1990, and the company kept growing. In the early 1990s the company acquired the world’s largest sauna room manufacturer, Knüllwald Sauna GmbH in Germany, and two new subsidiaries were founded, Saunatec Inc. in the United States and Helo (UK) Ltd. in Great Britain. Towards the end of 1990s, Oy Saunatec Ltd acquired the sauna and steambath business of Amerec (Nasscor Inc.) in Seattle, US, and a Finnish sauna heater producer, Viki Sauna Oy. In 2008, sales and marketing operations were set up in Russia.

Today the company is named Helo Group Ltd and is the world’s largest sauna and steam company. Helo products are exported to more than 80 countries.


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An original, honest expression of our Finnish roots, the sauna is rich with tradition. And like all good traditions, it is as relevant today as it’s always been.