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Press Releases

  • 20 January, 2015

    Helo Releases New Sauna Heater Design: The Fonda

    Helo Fonda - Red Front

    Cokato, MN

    It has long been said that the sauna heater is the heart and soul of the sauna, and Helo’s heaters have been among the strongest beating hearts in the industry. Now, Helo is pleased to introduce a new design of heaters for rooms up to 425 cubic feet, the Fonda.

    The physical changes are immediately noticeable with a sleek, red shell and optional feet, which can be used to make the wall-mounted heater be a free-standing unit. The smooth lines of the shell extend a sense of ease and calm without rigid edges, while the red color exudes the warmth of the sauna.

    While the Fonda heater is currently paired with the Helo T1 Touch Screen Control or a built-in control, the heater was designed with the future in mind, featuring a circuit board that will be compatible with next generation controls. For 2015, the T1 Touch Screen Control will bring many sauna enthusiasts from the days of dialed controls or small digital readouts to a larger, easier to read display, intuitive design and functionality, all in a beautiful package that turns on using proximity sensors as the bather approaches.

    When discussing the new line of heaters, Keith Raisanen, President of Helo, said, "Helo’s heaters have long been the industry leaders in design, quality, and innovation. The Fonda series continues this tradition of excellence, and we look forward to bringing more advances to sauna in the coming years.”

    To learn more about the Fonda heater or Helo saunas, visit www.helosaunas.com, contact your local Helo dealer, or call 800-882-4352.