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Press Releases

  • 28 August, 2015

    The largest sauna in the world

    A remote beach on the small island of Sandhornöya in northern Norway is the site of a remarkable building; Agora, the largest sauna in the world, featuring no less than four large woodfired sauna stoves from Helo Kastor.

    This spectacular piece of architecture has a capacity of up to 150 people, and with the large front of the building being completely made of glass it provides the bathers with a stunning view of the ocean and the sky. Agora is a part of SALT; a larger, cultural initiative aiming to highlight and pay tribute to the arctic heritage. When the gigantic sauna is not heated, it functions as an amphi-theatre where everything from seminars and readings to concerts and theatre performances are held. Inside Agora is also a bar with enough room for 100 guests.

    For those who wish to spend the night, we recommend hiring one of the small ”Njallas” on the beach. The Njallas are hybrids between tents and houses, partially made from fabric and equipped with woodburners and glass ceilings. The sami architect Joar Nango drew inspiration from ancient sami building practices when he designed these unique little houses. The closeness to nature and the location by the water ensures a memorable stay.