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Press Releases

  • 15 August, 2016

    One sauna, several experiences - Helo BWT

    Finnish Sauna manufacturer Helo is expanding their brand further in order to make it an integral part of a healthy, active and fit lifestyle. With a line of sauna heaters with BWT functionality, Helo aims to attract a more diverse sauna market, by offering a number of different sauna therapies from one solution.

    BWT-ready is a new term to be recognized in the sauna market. It stands for Bio Water Technique and is developed in-house by Helo engineers. Without creating yet another complicated and technical solution, Helo has managed to conceive a more energy efficient way to sauna and basically thrown in a selection of different available sauna therapies at no extra cost. 

    The BWT solution builds upon sensations created by adding or subtracting steam to the sauna experience. Established solutions usually call for extra electrical components, external boilers, water supply connections, and all the technical service and maintenance it may entail. The BWT solution performs on par with much more complicated engineering without compromising neither user-experience nor unit performance. And all packed into a compact and integrated container that will produce hot and dry saunas, gentler types at lower temperatures and more humidity as well as very humid hammam-like sensations. All of which may be enhanced using various minerals and aroma extracts.

    The focal point from Helo’s perspective is to make BWT-ready saunas the first choice for customers seeking multifaceted solutions suitable for a number of different tastes in order to enjoy sauna with family and friends, as well as for those using sauna therapies to achieve higher levels of physical and mental performance.