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  • 29 July, 2011

    Helo interiors and accessories

    A new selection of Helo interiors and accessories is available. Helo Interiors include ARKK LINE, HELMI and HELMI MUOTO. We also offer HELO LIGHTING to your saunas. There is a great selection of beautiful and therapeutic glass panels, fibre optic lights and sauna lights, exclusive sauna glass doors, boards and wood in Alder, Aspen, Heat treated Aspen and Red Cedar, new sauna aroma essential oils and a completely new sauna accessories selection. Take a look and be thrilled! We are happy to give you more information about the products. Feel free to contact us and ask more information!

    Helmi Interior offers a classic Finnish design and is available in Aspen, Alder, Heat treated Aspen or Red Cedar.
    Arkk Line
    The Arkk line interior offers the ultimate luxury with simply sophisticated Scandinavian design and warm shades of Western Red Cedar.