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Control units

Managing the temperature, timing and comfort features of your sauna should be as relaxing as the bath itself. Depending on the option you choose, Helo sauna control units make it easy to regulate the climate, pre-heat the cabin so it’s ready when you are or just soften the lights — all with a few simple taps on the touchpad.

  • T1

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    This new control panel is designed to control the Fonda-T heater – and it is good looking too. T1 is equipped with a touch-control and it shows temperature and time in operating mode. It is also equipped...

  • Digi I

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    DIGI I is a simple but smart solution that gives you most basic comfort functions at the touch of a button. DIGI I lets you preheat your sauna anytime within a 24 hour period, ensuring a relaxing and...

  • Digi II

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    Such as Cava and Pikkutonttu, or for commercial type heaters such as SKLE, Octa and Seidankivi. With preheating timings from 0-24 hours, set heating time of 0-6 hours, and one-touch preset bathing programmes,...

  • SC-60

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    Nearly identical to the SC-9 control except there is no nine hour time delay feature (standard 60 minute timer). For use with floor heaters Pro or Laava.

  • SC-9

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    Sleek, flush mounted design with satin stainless steel face plate. Control has 60 minute timer with nine hour time delay ("9 + 1"), thermostat, light switch and indicator light. For use with Helo Pro or...

  • SC-Club

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    The SC-Club control is a thermostatic control with an on/off switch used with the Professional and Laava series heaters. It is a great option for facilities with all-day operations and an attendant on...

  • SaunaLogic

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    The Sauna Logic Control is designed for simplicty of use. Its intuitive design includes sets of operating time and time remaining, set temperature and actual temperature, 24-hour time delay, and on / off...