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The Sauna Logic Control is designed for simplicty of use. Its intuitive design includes sets of operating time and time remaining, set temperature and actual temperature, 24-hour time delay, and on / off buttons for interior and exterior lights and color therapy.

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Fitting electric heaters SaunaLogic


Feel the rejuvenating spirit of Helo Saunas. Helo heaters are the heart and soul of the sauna. 

Small saunas and tight spaces, the Junior heater combines Great European design with easy-to-use digital technology. For saunas up to 150 cubic feet.


Custom Infrared

As infrared saunas have grown in popularity, two questions often emerged: "Can I get a CUSTOM infrared sauna made to fit my own design ideas?" and "Can I combine infrared with a traditional sauna heater?"

Now, happily the answer to both questions is an emphatic "Yes!" Saunatec's new InfraSauna™ is an industry first--an ETL safety listed product line that offers the following:

  • Custom Infrared sauna on your framed walls
  • Custom Designed Modular/Prefab I/S or IR only
  • Hallmark Series Saunas with IR added

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