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Himalaya – the name of the legendary mountain range means “home of the snow”. Like its namesake, the secret of Helo’s Himalaya also lies in the natural water cycle. The new sauna stove conceals a water container featuring ingenious BWT technology, which humidifies the sauna room while it is warming up. So when you climb up onto the benches, the air is already pleasantly humid and easy to breathe. You can enjoy the rich warmth on your skin already at a slightly lower temperature.

Himalaya stoves are meant for sauna rooms measuring 175 to 500 cubic feet. The attractive stove is 40-1/2" high and comes in matte black.

You can also add aromatic sauna scents into the water container or steam some mineral salts, to make your sauna experience a little different.


The Features

One heater, multiple sensations

BWT from Helo means Several sauna experiences in one solution. Enjoy your favorite sauna alone or share different sauna experiences with family and friends. With a BWT-ready sauna heater from Helo, it is all possible. BWT from Helo's pleasurable sauna-. Learn more

Enjoy milder temperatures

With the Himalayas, even mild sauna temperatures or at 150-160 degrees Fahrenheit are very enjoyable and relaxing. Children enjoy it, too. 220 lbs of stones react to your command immediately.

Attractive integration

The attractive stove is 40-1/2" high with a width of 13" and comes into matte black. The Himalayas can be installed on the floor next to a wall. Alternatively, you can integrate the heater into the benches using a glass, soapstone or steel fitting collar. The steel collar is also available in matte black to match the color of the heater.

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