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Helo Pikkutonttu, designed by renowned Finnish designer, Ristomatti Ratia, is an electric stove that harmoniously combines form and function. The super-insulated shell keeps heating-up time similar to a traditional stove, and the substantial stone mass (176 lbs) provides luxurious soft heat and steam. The low surface temperature of the Helo Pikkutonttu makes it safe to use and the small safety distances give new possibilities for designing sauna interiors.


The Features

Low surface temperature

Perfect for families with children, Pikkutonttu has a very low surface temperature and allows minimal safety distances. This makes it suitable for different interior design solutions. Pikkutonttu has a large heat storage capacity and produces thick steam when water is poured on the stones.

Unique design

The stove series has been designed by Ristomatti Ratia for Helo.

Control options

Pikkutonttu is controlled by the Digi I or Digi II controller.

Fitting control unit Pikkutonttu

Digi I

DIGI I is a simple but smart solution that gives you most basic comfort functions at the touch of a button. DIGI I lets you preheat your sauna anytime within a 24 hour period, ensuring a relaxing and refreshing climate is ready when you are without having to wait. The digital touch pad is also your control for temperature, lighting and the fan. DIGI I is designed for wall or flush mounting outside the sauna.


Digi II

Such as Cava and Pikkutonttu, or for commercial type heaters such as SKLE, Octa and Seidankivi. With preheating timings from 0-24 hours, set heating time of 0-6 hours, and one-touch preset bathing programmes, DIGI II gives you maximum flexibility in managing comfort.

You’ll also find keys for temperature adjustment, light and fan operation, and the high-visibility LCD display provides information in your choice 5 languages (Finnish,
Swedish, English, German and Dutch).

Flush or surface mounted outside the sauna, Helo Digi II has a total size of 138x173x34 mm (wxhxd).


Images Pikkutonttu

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