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Helo and renowned designer, Ristomatti Ratia, created the ultimate sauna stove – the Helo Saunatonttu. Incorporating several patented features and superb European design, Saunatonttu is truly the "Best sauna stove in the world", bar none. The secret of Saunatonttu is in the constant heat retained by the large quantity of stones (ca. 220 lbs) within the super-insulated stove. The stove creates soft, rich and moist steam. Small safety distances make Saunatonttu flexible in interior design.


The Features

Super insulated heater

Because Saunatonttu is well-insulated, it can store the heat generated during its standby time. You can enjoy your sauna whenever you want as there is no need to preheat it.

Constant heating

The quantity of stones is all of 220 lbs. The heat of retained by the stones makes it possible to use Saunatonttu at any time, without preheating.

Unique design

Saunatonttu is part of the RATIA collection, ensuring world-class design and the latest innovations.

Images Saunatonttu

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