The Anda Spa is a modern wellness retreat in the historic Hotel Ivy in downtown Minneapolis. From “The philosophy at Anda Spa, a Swedish word meaning ‘spirit’, is rooted in balance. Our modern wellness retreat focuses on a deeper sense of well-being, allowing you to reconnect your body, mind and spirit.”

Helo was proud to work with the Anda Spa to create a sauna that seamlessly integrates with the total spa experience. The sauna includes comfortable 2-level benches for sitting or lying down—with a window to the spa area. A key design element of the sauna is a large piece of black Cambria quartz with white “heatwave”—installed on the back wall above the heater.


  • Wood Type: Western Red Cedar
  • Heater: Laava (14.4 kW)
  • Sauna Lighting: Backrest integral LED lighting system
  • Interior Design: Helo Supreme (includes 3-bar backrest, bench skirts)


  • Bench Design: Two tiers of custom-tiled benches allowing guests to lie
    down to relax and enjoy the soothing heat.
  • Amerec commercial AI boiler system for soothing steam throughout the steam room.

  • Outside the sauna area are heated lounge chairs and the spa pool.
  • Each spa experience gives guests the ability to reconnect body, mind and spirit.


Design: ESG Architects
Photography: Anthony Gilbert © Gaffer Photography