helo electric heater

Elegant Simplicity with Evolving Technology


If you have been in a commercial or residential sauna in the last 20 years, you probably recognize the handsome Helo heaters. The reliability and simple, yet attractive, design have made these the favorite heater of many commercial facilities, as well as discerning homeowners. The large rock mass provides a soft, radiant heat even when running at full temperature, and the heaters are designed and safety listed for water to be ladled over the rocks to further enhance the sauna experience.




For small saunas and tight spaces, the Junior heater combines great European design with easy-to-use digital technology, including the SaunaLogic2 Control and optional SaunaLogic Mobile App. 

Stainless steel construction. Contactor box required.

Junior w/ SL2 Control Manual

SaunaLogic App - Apple App Store
SaunaLogic App - Google Play Store




The Designer-SL2 heater with the SaunaLogic2 Control is easy to use and is a terrific value. The SL2 comes with an optional mobile app to make it easier than ever to control your sauna from anywhere with cell service.

Stainless steel construction. No contactor box required.




The Designer-B heater comes with built-in controls on the front of the heater. The controls include a 60-minute timer with 9-hour delay start timer. 



The Magma heater floor-standing heater is designed for large commercial sauna rooms. The Magma includes approximately 132 lbs of rocks. May only be used with SL2-C or H3 controls. Contactor box required. 





The freestanding Pro heater has been the standard of the industry for more than 20 years. Designed for large, commercial-sized sauna rooms and for use with separate control panels. The Pro heater can be used with SL2-C or H3 controls. 

Stainless steel construction. Contactor box required.