Custom Infrared & InfraSaunas

No Longer Confined to Pre-manufactured Designs

The infrared sauna market is filled with pre-manufactured rooms that, while attractive, they cannot be customized to fit a unique space or style. With Helo Custom Infrared & InfraSaunas, the sauna is designed to fit around your lifestyle, not the other way around.

  • What are the dimensions of the space available (cannot exceed 420 cubic feet)?
  • How many people do you expect to use the infrared or InfraSauna?
  • Do you have any special requests for the sauna design?

What is the difference between an Infrared and an InfraSauna?

As infrared saunas have grown in popularity, two questions often emerged: “Can I get a CUSTOM Infrared (IR) sauna made to fit my own design ideas?” and “Can I combine infrared with a traditional sauna heater?

Now, happily the answer to both questions is an emphatic “Yes!” Helo’s InfraSauna® (I/S) is an industry-first—an ETL safety listed product line that offers the following:

  • Custom Infrared sauna on your framed walls
  • Build new or convert an existing sauna into I/S or IR
  • Desginer-SL2 Heater with SaunaLogic2 Control and Mobile App
  • Custom designed Modular/Prefab I/S or IR-only

Let Our Team Help You Every Step of the Way

Even if you have designed and installed saunas for decades, let our team help you to ensure your custom Infrared or InfraSauna project will meet your design and performance expectations. The unique method by which infrared heats the body requires special attention to details.

Request Design Assistance

Custom-Cut, Permanently Installed Infrared or InfraSauna Packages Include:

  • Foil vapor barrier to be stapled on framed, insulated walls and ceiling - reflects heat back to sauna
  • Cut-to-length, tongue and groove, clear Western Red Cedar or Canadian Hemlock for interior walls and ceilings
  • Pre-assembled benches, duckboard or mat flooring, skirts and headrests
  • SaunaLogic2 light kit
  • Pre-hung, all-glass door (other options available)
  • All interior trim
  • A genuine Helo Carbonflex infrared emitters and for InfraSauna heater, control, rocks, and heater guard
  • Bucket, ladle, and thermometer (InfraSauna Only)


Wood Choices:

Helo offers two wood choices: Canadian Hemlock and Western Red Cedar


Canadian Hemlock is considered a hypoallergenic wood and has a tight, consistent wood grain and very little color variation within the blonde tones.

Hemlock is a popular choice for people with allergies or using sauna as part of a detoxification program, wellness centers, and for people wanting a consistent color and grain throughout the sauna.


Western Red Cedar is the wood many people in North America associate with saunas, as it is very popular in commercial facilities. The varied colors, pleasant aroma, and durability in moisture and heat make it an outstanding choice for a commercial facilities.

For homeowners, Western Red Cedar is a popular choice because of the beautiful colors ranging from light blondes to dark chocolate boards and reds in between.

Permanently Installed on Framed Walls or Free-Standing:

Most custom saunas are permanently installed on framed, insulated walls as they become a part of the home or facility and are integrated into the structure for a seamless installation; however, there are times when a free-standing, panel-built system is ideal.

Custom Permanently Installed Sauna

  • Can be designed for almost any space
  • Can integrate any angle, curve, or odd space in the floor plan
  • Ideal for new construction, remodels, and commercial facilities
  • Many sizes can be designed to meet ADA compliance requirements
  • Installed over framed, insulated walls
  • Seamless integration with the adjacent rooms
  • Adds value to any home or facility



Free-Standing, Panel-Built Saunas

  • Custom-built to your dimension
  • Interior upgrades available to customize the sauna
  • Designed to be installed over hard, water-proof surface such as tile, concrete, and linoleum
  • Some sizes can be ordered with a false-floor 
  • Can be assembled in an afternoon with a few common tools
  • Great way to add a sauna to most any space



Door Options Include

All doors are pre-hung and include handles and appropriate latching system

  • All-glass door (standard) 24" x 72" or 24" x 80"
  • Hemlock door 24" x 72" or 24" x 80"(for custom-cut, permanently installed only) with 16" x 60" clear, insulated glass
  • Etched glass door