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Traditional Sauna


Traditional Finnish Saunas are wood-lined rooms where the room temperature is super-heated by a heater containing rocks over which water may be poured to increase the humidity of the room to the bathers comfort.
Today, most sauna heaters are powered by electricity, though for outdoor saunas, wood-burning stoves remain a popular option. Whether electric or wood-burning, pouring water over the rocks to create steam (löyly) is an integral part of the sauna experience, and the heaters are designed and safety-listed for use of water. For those who enjoy higher levels of humidity or for commercial facilities who want the benefits of the higher humidity in an easy-to-manage system, our BWT (Bio Water Technique) introduces humidity by placing stainless steel tanks of water between the heating elements and boiling the water.
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Choosing the correct heater and control combination may be one of the most important decisions, as the sauna heater is the heart and soul of the sauna.  Room size, type of use (commercial or residential), and operating hours all help determine the best fit for the sauna.

Infrared Saunas


Infrared heat therapy rooms, commonly referred to as Infrared Saunas, have become increasingly popular over the last few decades. Far-infrared saunas work by emitting far-infrared light at approximately the same wavelength the body naturally emits far-infrared. This allows the body to readily absorb the heat, which increases the core body temperature resulting in perspiration.

While infrared saunas are frequently offered as pre-manufactured rooms, Helo specializes in custom saunas either built on framed walls or as a panel-built, modular system.  These custom far-infrared saunas are safety listed systems, and for those who enjoy both traditional sauna and far-infrared heat therapy, Helo offers the unique option of InfraSauna which pairs a traditional sauna heater with the custom infrared room.

Custom Infrared and InfraSaunas are great options for homes or commercial applications and can be designed for spaces up to 425 cubic feet with a seven (7') foot ceiling height.

Need Design Help?
Our design team will work with your space (less than 425 cubic feet) to design the optimum custom Infrared or InfraSauna room.


Steam Generators

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Steam is a great addition to any home and is a favorite at spas and gyms. Whether your project is a residential bathroom remodel or a commercial health club running 24/7, Helo's steam division, Amerec, has the right solution for your needs.

For residential steam and light commercial projects, like day spas, the AX generator with Elite control system provides solutions from the smallest showers to largest steam rooms.

For health clubs, sports facilities, and larger 24/7 commercial facilities, the Amerec AI steam boiler is a proven system for reliable performance and ease of maintenance.

While most steam rooms will be tiled enclosures, for residential and light commercial projects, ask our team about our modular steam rooms: Excellent and Panacea

Need Design Help?

Our design team can help you select the right generator or boiler to meet your needs. When planning the mechanical space required for the boiler or generator, our team can help you specify the location and access requirements needed for optimal performance and maintenance.